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Dear Potential Supporter,


    The Event Suite serves as a one stop shop for all of your event needs such as Party Planning, Consultations, Party Rental,

Balloon Arch Classes, and more. We provide the services that help you plan the party of your dreams.

As you well know, we have all been affected by the pandemic for the past several weeks. During this time the mall, where The Event Suite is located, has been mandatorily closed. Though the mall has been closed, bills continue to accumulate, and the fees for the shop still have to be paid.

Having this business has been a dream come true for the 2 Co- Owners of The Event Suite. "We are doing something that we greatly love. In the past we have been able to help many people, and pass on that blessing in the form of happiness, as we see the smiles on the faces of the those receiving the celebration, and their loved ones that surrounds them", stated Alicia, whom is not only an Owner, but one of the Event Planners at The Event Suite. 

The concept for the Event Suite was created by the two Owners, Alicia Smith and Geneshia Simon, who celebrated their Grand Opening June 10th, 2019.

"This means so very much to us and we are trying desperately to keep the shop open.
Using our own personal funds we have been able to keep the doors open. However seeing that business is at a stand still and the funds are running out, we are now reaching out to the public with the hope that you would be willing to make donations to help us remain open, and keep the celebration going", Geneshia replies. 

The 2 Owners agree that any amount is appreciated $5-$10 whatever you can afford. They understand everyone is going through it.

The Event Suite doesn’t just provide services to the public looking to plan parties. It also stands as  a role model for little girls and young women. Showing them that some day they can achieve their dreams as well. 

This business also participates in giving back to the community, and has provided for other charitable causes.

On behalf of the Owners, and The Event Suite Team, we want to thank everyone who has patronized the shop, and allowed us to be a part of their special celebrations, as well as anyone who supports us during this endeavor.
Thank you so much and we hope that the future continues to be bright! 

Be well, Take care, and don't forget to IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!

Best Regards,

Alicia Smith

Geneshia Simon

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